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Upcoming Date

Already tired of waiting for the release of a new series? You know that your favorite actor starred in a new movie, but there is no data when it will be released? As you know, waiting is simply agonizing and can turn a fan into a real zombie. And you can't get ready for the zombie apocalypse without the newest episode of The Walking Dead! Stop putting up with it! Come to us and see that here is the fullest available information about the release dates of both near and far movie creations! Even if you are waiting for the appearance of not too popular and popular show, with a probability of 99% you will find it here!

In addition, we also post reviews of movies and games, which will help you decide which series, etc. to be a fan of now (if the favorite has already ended or you have to wait a long time for the new season).

With us you will find the release date of any movie product, both domestic and foreign, both expected and little-known. Whether you are riding the subway, bus, cab, standing in a traffic jam, going to bed - we are always available, at any time we will provide the necessary data about the project of interest to the film industry.